Current Programs

Wildscape defines a “program” is an effort that may or may not have any end and tends to lean more towards a structured format with events and/or activities. A Wildscape “project” is an effort on our part that has a beginning and an end, such as the Milford Wetlands Restoration.

Wildscape works hand-in-hand with KDWP to identify programs that will not be funded without private sector support and weighs the merits of those programs, determining how they can be funded. And then we help get the job done.

From our Outdoor Kansas for Kids (OKKids) to the Kansas WildLifer Challenge, Wildscape is instrumental in promoting outdoor activities throughout Kansas.

Below are a few of our current programs:

The Great Kansas Fishing Derby
The Great Kansas Fishing Derby
A Kansas angler’s prized catch may actually be worth a prize this spring and summer. The first-ever Great Kansas Fishing Derby will run May 1 to July 31, 2021, with at least 500 specially tagged fi...
Outdoor Kansas for Kids (O.K. Kids)
Kids Exploring Bird facts at the Discovery Table
There was a time when Kansas kids took the outdoors for granted. They just seemed to grow up outside. That time was spent working on the family farm, chasing frogs down by the ponds, wandering alon...
WildLifer Challenge
Kids today are spending more time indoors watching TV and/or playing video games. Voila! A new program that couples the technology of the internet and the simplicity of nature.The WildLifer Challen...
Outdoor Communicators of KS Scholarship
One of the best-known Kansans of his time, Steve Harper left his mark on Kansas through photographs and words. During his career, he was a photojournalism instructor at Wichita State University, th...